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So far, a lot of research has focused on the possible application of the TLS technology in tunneling. [13] is an example of an article summarizing and systematizing the achievements in this field. TLS is used to measure the displacement of the contour points of the tunnel initial and final lining [14, 15]. Cheng et al. [16] and Han et al. [17] attempted to automate the process of the tunnel lining modeling on the basis of the measured point cloud. Some research was also conducted to confirm a possibility of using TLS for tunnel inspections, including crack [18] and moisture [19] detection on the tunnel lining. The usefulness of TLS technology in determining the type of rock and a content of moisture fractions in the rock mass was demonstrated in [20]. At the same time, continuous attempts are made to improve the TLS measurement procedures in the tunnel, to ensure that they are as accurate as possible [21].

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The data were processed using the SCENE 2019 [24] and Autodesk ReCap 2015 [25] software. For the subsequent blasting round, data collected for each 3.0-m-long round were used for the analyses (Fig. 5). Each blasting round was divided into four parts: roof, side 1, side 2, and floor. Similar to [1], points corresponding to the tunnel floor were not taken into account in the analyses.


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