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Index Of Agent Of Shield Season 4 UPD

the team brings fitz back to the framework, where he uses it to call the u.s.a. government for help. skye hears fitz's plea and comes to see what's going on. aida is able to convince skye to use her powers to help bring fitz out of the framework as a way of saving fitz's life. skye and aida then find that fitz and coulson are being held in a red room by radcliffe. fitz breaks free and manages to rescue coulson, but radcliffe captures aida and brings her to a glass room where they're experimenting on her. radcliffe reveals that aida was an anomaly and that he created her to help in the completion of his goal. he wants to create a series of lmds that can help him create a new inhuman who can help him in his plans to create a new inhuman race. aida realizes that she's being used as a test subject for this new race and she's about to break free, but radcliffe is able to capture aida and kill her. skye is horrified and fitz is able to get coulson out of the room. fitz and coulson teleport off the station and leave aida's body behind. coulson has to give aida her death certificate to stop the process, but the two agents find that fitz is nowhere to be seen. coulson and may split up to look for him and fitz as may tells coulson that she's happy she didn't use her lighstarr powers.

Index Of Agent Of Shield Season 4

director coulson tells agent carter that daisy's going to be fine and that she'll return soon. agent carter's not happy about that and tells coulson that he'll have to talk to her to figure out what happened to her. coulson tells agent carter to try and be patient.

the downside of hunter's timely return is the death of more agents, including fellow shield agents and may's ex-husband, right in front of her. there's no doubt that he took down a team of the past, but this time it's personal. thankfully for bobbi, hunter pulls her out of the fire without dying. he's dying, but he's going to be fine.


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